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I am a composer living and working in Berne, Switzerland. My music has been performed by amazing artists such as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Festival Strings Lucerne or the English National Ballet.


I have always had a special interest in writing for large ensembles and a curiosity about different musical styles and cultures. This helped me to find my own personal voice.

Please step in and have a listen!​​

"The highlight of this release is a new piece, Toccare, written for Netzer by Swiss composer Stephan Hodel. It’s a memorable, exciting piece, culminating the album concept." 

Tal Agam, The classic review

Composition Highlights

The Power of Musick

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What I do

Carrying the Tune

Tailor-made Music

Most of my works are written with a particular soloist, orchestra, location or even occasion in mind. The architectural structure of a place, the personal timbre of a musician or the instrumentation of an ensemble can be very decisive and inspiring when creating a new musical work. 

Would you like to commission a work written especially for you? Get in touch. 

Professor Tritone

Professor Tritone is my coaching space where I advise young composers, music teachers, conductors, or aspiring amateurs on their first steps in composition or arranging. I also offer counseling on holistic health and personal development. Stage fright, motivational problems or destructive thoughts are often associated with the music profession but are usually taboo. 


Learn more about my approach at     

Children's Concert

A big part of my work is introducing classical music to children and young people. I have produced several shows in China and Switzerland.

As conductor Etienne, I am currently touring with my accomplice Jeanloup, the clown, and our orchestral programme for children and families "Der Orchesterclown". 

Find out more. 




2024 Project Reunion

Clarinet and Pipa Duet Recital 

Clarinet Irene Chen

Pipa       Yun-Han Su

Taipei, Taiwan




2024 Project Reunion

Clarinet and Pipa Duet Recital 

Clarinet Irene Chen

Pipa       Yun-Han Su

Tainan, Taiwan

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