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Full List of Compositions


Angel of Fire, soprano and full orchestra, 3'44" Love, soprano and full orchestra, 2'55" PC-24, ein musikalischer Alpenflug, full orchestra, 17'30" Prelude, full orchestra, 3'30" Hungarian moods, chamber orchestra, 5'20" Xian qi ni de gai tou lai, full orchestra, arr, 4'20"

Chamber music

En bref... hommage à A.H., reed quintet and percussion soloist Circles, two clarinets and piano, 11' Valse Bleue, clarinet and piano, 8' Circus Maximus, accordion orchestra, 12' Longing for the Spring Breeze, clarinet and piano, arr., 2'30" Four Chamber Cartoons, fl, ob, vla, db, harp, perc, 6' A lenda do boto, tb, guit, perc, 8'30"  Hoedown, tb, guit, perc, 6' Ballad and Jig, tb, guit, perc, 5'30" Wiegenlied - Lullaby, two clarinets and piano, 2' Sinfonische Stubete, cl quartet, p and perc, 11'30" A grotesque old woman, bass cl and bs, 3'40" Five sketches, for clarinet and basson, 8' Echoes, for alphorn and brass quintet, 8'30" Caledonia, percussion quartet, 7' Pica Pau, brass quartet, 8'

Music for solo instrument

Toccare, harp solo, 9'30"

Music for children

Drumming with Kubbe, interactive concert with actors, 60'


The Power of Musick, choir, soloists, rap, orchestra, 35' No pasaran!, choir, soloists, rap, orchestra, 22' Zum Teufel mit der Brücke, choir, narrator, ensemble, 75' Jolidulidu, choir, ensemble, 45' Vieni sulla barchetta, chor a cappella, arr., 6'20" 4 Christmas Songs, childrens' choir, choir, orchestra, arr, ca. 15'


Big Band

Anemona Alva, children's choir, piano, 2'30" Absolution, baritone and piano, 5' My little one, tenor, baritone, cello and piano, 2'30" Hope, mezzo-soprano and piano, 3' A lover's dream, vocal jazz, 4'30"

The six tyrants, instrumental, 12' Happy-go-lucky, vocal duet, 2'50" I will be here, vocal chart, 3'15" Change your ways, vocal chart, 3'30"


Wind and Brass

Charade - der Fritschiraub zu Luzern 1507, wb, 20' Phoenicia - three sketches for brass band, 12'30" A lenda do curupira, bb/wb, symphonic poem, 16' QuaranTime, wb, 9'30" Vertex Montis, bb, 10'10" Vertex, bb, 7' The final cut - der letzte Schnitt, wb, 19'30" Piccadilly, bb, 11'50" Argos, bb, 9' Lines etc., wb, 7'10" Interplay for band, wb, 2'30" Symsaladim, concert march, bb/wb, 4'10" Malegts Rumantschs (Romansh Pictures), bb/wb, 22'30" El ritmo no para..., bb/wb, 7'15" Woodie's delight, wb, 5'20" Viewpoints, blues for euphonium, bb, 5'20" Xian qi ni de gai tou lai, arr, wb, 4'20" Song of Freedom, arr, wb, 5'40" A German Christmas, arr., bb, 3'40"

Consonare - resonare, ts, brass band, naturjodel, alphorn, 60' We are free, ballet score, fl, cl, vln, vla, horn, vc, 10'10" Klang Kanton, film projection, ensemble, ca. 65' The Happy Hypocrite, musical theatre, ca. 120'

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