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Elisa Netzer, harp - Toccare

Toccare is a piece for harp solo written for Swiss harpist Elisa Netzer. The piece was part of her toccata project while studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London. It explores the relationship between the harpist and her instrument with regards to touch (ital.: toccare).

The piece was premiered at the Acadamie's Duke's Hall and received further performances at the Ceresio Estate festival in Melide, Ticino, and the Mansion House concert series in Swansea and Cardiff, Wales.

Toccare also appears on Elisa's debut album Toccata which was published with Naxos. Full album preview here.

More information about Elisa and the recording here

"The highlight of this release is a new piece, “Toccare”, written for Netzer by Swiss composer Stephan Hodel. It’s a memorable, exciting piece, culminating the album concept... Hodel combines different kinds of touch in this piece; Netzer is using her feet and palms while playing the instrument, as an accompaniment or as a stand-alone element (listen to the exciting episode from 5:00 onward). It’s clear the composer took the time to acquaint himself with the instrument, and he takes advantage of all of its capabilities, making this a truly great new piece that should join the regular repertoire of the harp."

The classic review

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