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PC 24 - ein musikalischer Alpenflug

PC-24 - beginning - Festival Strings Lucerne
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PC-24 - theme - Festival Strings Lucerne
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PC-24 - finale - Festival Strings Lucerne
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PC-24, ein musikalischer Alpenflug (a musical flight over the Alps) was commissioned by Dan Dodds and the Festival Strings Lucerne. The piece commemorates the launch of a new aircraft by Pilatus Werke Stans.

The musical structure follows the programmatic idea of the construction of an aircraft: from first ideas, drawing plans over to the work in the assembly hall and to the take off and finally flying over the alps and disappearing on the horizon.

Conducted by orchestra leader Dan Dodds, the piece was premiered at KKL Lucerne alongside a Beethoven programme, including a piano concerto with the great Austrian pianist Rudolf Buchbinder.

Listen to some excerpts. Full piece upon request.

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