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Chammerart - new Swiss folk music

Sinfonische Stubete is a piece of symphonic proportions written for the innovative ensemble Chammerart. The music is inspired by traditional Swiss folk music, schottische and laendler character pieces, but tries to place it into a larger form and introduce elements from other styles.

The piece was commissioned by the ensemble and received its premiere at Stubete am See, a folk music festival, at Tonhalle Zurich.

It also features on the Chammerart's album Undrwäx.

Sinfonische Stubete - Chammerart
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Four chamber cartoons - The Composers' Ensemble


Four chamber cartoons is a four movement work providing the soundtrack to an imaginary cartoon film. The four parts are quite distinct in form and character, creating an array of atmospheres.

It was composed while studying with Joseph Horovitz at the Royal College of Music in London.

Recorded by the Composers' Ensemble under the direction of Richard Baker, it is scored for flute, oboe, viola, double bass, harp and marimba/vibraphone.

Four chamber cartoons - RCM Composers' Ensemble
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ARUBA Trio - A lenda do boto

A lenda do boto - ARUBA Trio
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Three new pieces for the recently founded ARUBA Trio, formed around trombonist Tobias Lang. Since 2015, Tobias is the associated solo trombone at Philharmonia Zurich, the orchestra of Zurich Opera.

A lenda do boto was written for Tobias's master recital at Zurich University of the Arts and tells the legend of the pink river dolphin in the Amazon region. One night in June the Boto morphs into a young man and will seduce a young girl at a Junina festival. At the end of the night he will disappear again into the Amazon river, but not before getting her pregnant. Still today, folklore has it that if the father of a child is not known the child is meant to be o filho do boto, the son of the Boto.

Line up:

Tobias Lang, trombone

Joel Kuster, electric guitar

Peter Fleischlin, percussion

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