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Swiss folk music

I have a keen interest in the folk music of my native country of Switzerland. Over the years I have collaborated with artists such as dulcimer virtuoso Nicolas Senn, yodel singer Franziska Wigger, overtone singer and alphorn player Bruno Bieri or the Swiss Brass Consort.

Alpine Sounds:

Traditional elements such as yodelling, alphorn or talerschwingen are combined with more contemporary harmonies and beats. Franziska Wigger, yodel singing, Roger Konrad, alphorn and myself on accordion.

Programming by Morgan King, filmed by Juliana Ramos da Costa.

Watch video here.

Alpine Sounds - Franziska Wigger, Roger Konrad, Stephan Hodel
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Schlaflied, Schottisch und Finale:

Suite for 10-piece brass ensemble based on my larger composition for

choir Jolidulidu. Played by the Swiss Brass Consort, featuring alphorn

and büchel, two traditional Swiss instruments.

Schlaflied, Schottisch und Finale - Swiss Brass Consort
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Schottisch - for clarinet and bassoon:

From Five Sketches for Bass Clarinet and Bassoon, this is a quirky version of a traditional schottische. Played by Beatrix Graf, clarinet and Susana Dias, bassoon.

Schottisch - Beatrix Graf, Susana Dias
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Folk songs:

Two famous Swiss folk songs from the canton of Uri, arranged for string quintet and clarinet quartet. This is part of my larger work for choir and narrator Zum Teufel mit der Brücke! that tells the legend of the devil’s bridge near the Gotthard Pass.

Mäitäli, wenn dü witt ga tanze - arr. Stephan Hodel
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Zoogä-n am Boogä - arr. Stephan Hodel
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